Empowered Prosperity: a collaborative effort from SonicPrana, SoaringMusic and SacredBalance using InnerTempo technology! On Empowered Prosperity, we’ve combined and incorporated a perfect balance of several different kinds of brainwave technology along with silent affirmation and prayerful intention.

It is our joy to offer now offer Empowered Prosperity after years of research and testing. We therefore present this short demo clip of the original 20 minute version of this beautiful audio, where every part of the production process was accomplished with love to promote maximum exquisite peace, prosperity, joy, love and abundant living.

Please wear headphones and listen to the entire track to get the full benefit of this audio. Our recommendation is to simply purchase the inexpensive full version and start listening as many times a day as you can to get the maximum benefit!

From our hearts, we thank you truly and wish you abundant blessings of every good and perfect thing. In’La’Kesh (Mayan roots: I Am You, You Are Me, and We Are One) and Namaste (the Divine Spark Within Me Bows to the Divine Within You.  May you walk in beauty. May you walk in peace.

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Empowered Prosperity (very powerful!)

by SonicPrana | Ride The Wave