As a young man, William Klausmeyer was drawn to the healing arts intuitively. Using his hands and functioning as a ‘hollow bone’ or conduit for the higher good of others came naturally to him. Doing the best he could with what he had at the time in the way of understanding this inclination, he pursued a career in Dentistry. He attended the University of Michigan, both for his undergraduate and graduate studies, then went off to build a successful dental practice in Florida.

Over time, his draw to alternative forms of healing grew stronger, and he was able to utilize many of the excellent energy workers in South Florida, who both provided him with care, but also helped further open his mind, heart and soul to the power of energy work. One highlight from this period was his completion of The Transformational Experience with Sari Terrusa of TSI in Tequesta. It was his first experience with transformational breathwork.  This lead to work utilizing hypnotic regression, work with clairvoyants and with other forms of breathwork.

Years later Bill was lead into yoga, and then into Ashtanga Yoga, which further took him in the direction of intuitively guided healing modalities, and from the Adore Organic Juice was born.

Around this time, Bill was reacquainted with Lori Lipten, a life long friend who had become a psychologist but who also functions as a medium, and who offers a variety of courses to those seeking to lead a more divinely guided life, and also help others. In March of 2013 he completed the Inspired Hearts course, then participated both as a student and teacher in the Intuitive Mastery course in November of 2015.

One of his ‘epiphanies’ occurred during Lori’s Accessing the Akashic Records class, propelling him deeper into the field. In March of 2018 Bill taught both the yoga and juicing portions of Lori’s Inspired Living course. It was during this time that he was given the vision of SonicPrana™ — and partnered with musician and composer Frederick Russ to develop the concept.

SonicPrana is the natural outgrowth from Adore Organic Juice and Kombucha – a next step in the evolution of providing health supporting healing services and products to others.

Come along and enjoy the journey into light and sound that SonicPrana™ offers.